Monday, February 4, 2013

Brie & Blueberry Quesadillas


Sometimes you discover the best recipes by accident.  Last week I posted one of my favorite recipes, grilled brie and grapes quesadillas.  This week came along and I was still craving them.  The only problem was that although I still had brie cheese and quesadillas left, I was out of grapes.  Instead of going to buy more grapes I took a peak inside the fridge to see if I could find something else to go with the brie and quesadillas.  Once I saw the fresh blueberries, I knew this could be something good.
These couldn't be easier to make.  The ingredients needed are soft tortillas, any kind or size that you like, soft brie cheese and fresh blueberries.  You will also need a little oil or non-stick spray and powdered sugar.
Next heat up just enough oil to coat your frying pan or spray pan with non-stick spray.  Then place one tortilla in the pan and place some brie cheese on the tortilla.
 While that is heating up, take approximately 10 blueberries and slice them in half (really the best thing to do is cut the blueberries ahead of time and sprinkle them with the powdered sugar and let them sit in the refrigerator overnight).  As the cheese is melting, place your sliced blueberries on half of the tortilla. 
 If you haven't already added powder sugar you can sprinkle some on the blueberries now.
Fold your tortilla in half and let both sides get nice and toasty brown.

Once you have both sides nice and golden brown you can take the quesadilla out of the pan and start on your next one. I like to let them cool down a little before you try to cut them or the cheese and blueberries might try to escape out the sides.
These are great as a breakfast treat and you can serve them with maple syrup or whip cream.  They also work great as an appetizer and go great with a glass of wine.  You can make them ahead of time and just re-heat right before your going to serve them.


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