Friday, August 9, 2019

Brie and Grape Quesadilla

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Grilled Brie and Grape Quesadillas

Lite Summer Meals.

Grilled Brie Cheese and Grape Quesadillas!

Summer is in full swing!  Here is a quick and easy meal for you to enjoy on these hot summer nights!

This would be perfect to serve on those long summer nights while you sit outside with a glass of wine.

First gather your supplies.  It couldn't be easier.  All you need is a package of soft tortillas (any kind or size that you like) a bunch of grapes (again any kind you like, I always seem to like the green grapes the best) and of course some soft brie cheese.  Brie cheese can be expensive, but you really only need a little bit for each.

Next put some oil or non-stick spray in your frying pan and threw one tortilla in the pan.  Then slice up some of the brie and place on the hot tortilla.  While that is getting hot, you will cut in half approximately 10 grapes for each tortilla that you will be making.  Once you have your grapes cut and the cheese has started to melt a little you can add your grapes.  I usually only put the grapes on one side so that its easier to fold the tortilla.

You can now fold your tortilla and give it a gentle 'smush'.  To me the key to good grilled food is all in the 'smush'.  You want to press down firmly so that everything melts together and the tortilla becomes nice and flat, but don't press down to hard or all your grapes will escape from inside.

Once you have both sides nice and golden brown you can take the quesadilla out of the pan and start on your next one.  I like to let them cool a little before you try to cut them or again the cheese and grapes might try to escape out the sides.

That's it.  These are so simple and good.  I warn you, these are so addictive.  I like them so much the way they are that I never came up with a dipping sauce for them.  If any of you guys have any suggestions for a good dipping sauce or tips to make these even better, I would love to hear your comments!

Thanks so much and Enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2019 Orgainization Challenge

21 Day Organization Challenge!


2017 Organization Challenge

The holidays are over and 2017 has begun. 
It's that time of year that we all swear we are going to get our lives in order, to start a diet, exercise more and clean our homes.  Each year I swear that this is the year that I finally become organized only to realize that I have only managed to become more disorganized.  The few areas of my house that are organized are because I spent a little time getting them in order and now each time I use something in that area I find it very easy to put it back in its place.  I also find I get nothing done when the task seems too large.  I need to just do a little at a time.

So ladies, I came up with a simple 21 day challenge of easy organization tasks, that when completed will give us all the organized home we dream of.

I started us off with some simple and quick organization chores so that we don't feel overwhelmed.  I figured we could knock off some easy ones like the medicine cabinet or our handbag before we got to the really involved ones like the garage or if your a crafter like me, the craft supplies.
So ladies, lets get our organization checklist ready and lets plan to finally get organized in 2017.  The challenge is only 21 days so we have no excuses!

Good luck and I would love to hear how your challenge is going!!!


If your doing the challenge, be a dear and follow me and let me know how your doing with it.  I will be happy to add a link to your blog for others to see how well your doing with the challenge!


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