Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bloody Cupcakes!

Delightfully Deadly Bloody Fun Cupcakes.

These sweet treats are super simple to whip up.  Here's Everything that you will need.

All you will need is your favorite cupcake mix, cupcake liners, fluffy white or vanilla frosting, red icing, and of course the Wilton sugar knives (these are pricey at $5.99 for the package of 12, but you can almost always print out a 50% off coupon for one of your local craft stores).

Next simply bake cupcakes according to the directions and heavily frost your cupcakes.

Then gather up your sugar knives!

Next, with a pointed tip on your red icing, put a blob in the middle and then add some squiggly lines.  Once that is done, simply jab your sugar knife into the center.

Finally..enjoy your Bloody Cupcakes, if you dare!!!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Halloween Bottle Brush Trees


Oh so Shabby & Chic bottle brush trees...not just for Christmas anymore.  These little guys are all dressed up and ready for some treats this Halloween!


To check out these Halloween goodies and lots of others, please be sure to visit my ETSY SHOP!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Five years ago when my camera broke, I decided to invest in a good DSLR camera.  I really didn't know much about cameras, so I started to do some research.  After doing some research, I realized I STILL didn't know much about cameras.  I was able to narrow down my choices to preferring the Nikon brand and I knew I didn't want to spend over $1000.  With these two criteria chosen I was able to decide on the Nikon D5000.
My main purpose for purchasing the camera was to be able to take pictures of my ETSY and Ebay items, but I also really wanted to be able to take fun and interesting pictures as a hobby.  I read through the manuals and bought additional camera guides but found that after reading everything I could, I really still had no clue how to use all the features of the camera.
I finally figured that the best and only way to learn is to actually just force myself to take pictures.
So I came up with my own fun version of the 30 day photo challenge, to make myself use my camera everyday for 30 days and learn some of the basic and even a few of the more advanced camera techniques.
I started with some easy ones to get us going and saved some of the harder ones like the long exposure, bokeh and the dreaded self-portrait for later on in the challenge.
I hope you join me in this challenge and together we can take some fun and interesting pictures and create our very own photo portfolio.
If you plan on doing the challenge, I would love to see your pics so please leave a comment below with a link to your blog or Pinterest page so we can all check out and be inspired by each others pictures.
Have fun and Happy Picture Taking!!!

Day 1.  Clouds 
Day 2.  Fruit
Day 3.  Something Green
Day 4.  What I wore today
Day 5.  From a high angle
Day 6.  From a low angle

Day 7.  Animal
Day 8.  Sunset
Day 9.  A bad habit
Day 10.  Something blue
Day 11.  Something you love
Day 12.  Silhouette
More pictures to come as I finish the challenge.
Thanks so much for checking out this 30 Day Photo Challenge Post!
Best of luck and Happy Picture taking!!!

Holiday Sparkle


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