Monday, January 28, 2013

The Fastest way to peel garlic!

I feel like this blog post should be titled
When I first heard about this, I assumed it was just a gag, or you needed to buy some crazy expensive gadget that probably didn't even work.  Oh yeah like you can really peel a whole head of garlic in under 30 seconds.  Oh and did I mention that you will be doing this without a knife or any gadgets!
Seems to good to be true, but 'abracadabra' it really works!
First take your head of garlic and place on your counter top.
Next using the palm of your hand or a wooden object like a bowl or cutting board press down on the head of garlic.  You don't need to injure yourself doing this, but press down with the most pressure you can. 
You will then have a pile of garlic cloves and garlic skins.  You simply take the whole pile (don't worry about separating anything just yet) and dump it into any container that you have that has a lid.  I used an old Tupperware container.  You can even just use 2 bowls and sandwich the garlic in the middle of them.
Next comes the hard work...get ready...shake the container for approximately 10 seconds.
If you managed to survive that grueling task then you are all ready to enjoy your skinned garlic gloves.
Dump everything out of the container and you will see that somehow all the skins have separated from the garlic cloves.
All you need to do is pick through the pile of skins and garlic and gather up all your pretty and perfect garlic cloves.
So that's it, simply give the head a good hard squash with your hand or back of something that won't break, put it all in a container with lid, shake as hard as you can for about 10 seconds, and just sift through the garlic skins and gather up your garlic cloves!
I hope your not to exhausted from all that, now go and roast up some garlic cloves and enjoy!!!


  1. Huh, worth a try! Peeling those cloves is a pain!

  2. I agree with Jenna, worth a try :)

  3. Replies
    1. I did...and it was fastest way to peel garlic I have ever did

    2. Take the head of garlic and microwave it for 30sec and peel it was the fastest way to peel garlic

    3. great tip since i grow my own garlic and put it up for winter.. thanks

  4. Thank u for sharing this awesome way to clean garlic. I also got a hint from someone. Place garllc in microwave for about 2 seconds the peels then just cum off once u touch the garlic

  5. I tried it just now! It was so much easier than the traditional way. A cutting board works great to smush them. I think I'll try the microwave suggestion next time. Anyway, thanks for sharing! I went through a whole bag of garlic (about 12 heads) in less than 15 minutes. That's a record for me:)

  6. Wow. I just tried this with 12 heads of garlic (I mince it ahead of time and freeze it for future use). A cutting board is easier to smush the heads. It went very quickly!! Thanks for the suggestion! I will also try the microwave suggestion next time although this was great too!!

  7. I will try this. Sounds pretty cool although I'm not sure I would need so much garlic all at one time. How long will they keep? Also, it should be, "I hope you're not too exhausted...." instead of "your." Thanks for posting this. Love the pics!

  8. awesome! I am truly speechless! I can't wait to test this out! Thanx so much for sharing this invaluable tip!

  9. Tis works pretty well BUT, I found a way to make it work BETTER. I added a little bit of water to my Tupperware of garlic. After I was done shaking I opened my Tupperware and placed it in the sink and ran cold water into it until it was overflowing. Because the cloves are heavier then the peels, the peels just run over the edge of the Tupperware with the water overflow leaving nice clean garlic cloves. No need to pick through now. :)

  10. It does work. You can actually start with the entire head of garlic in the container.

  11. If you just need 1 or 2 cloves, just smash the clove and the skin peels off easily. That means you do not need to smash and entire bulb.


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