Friday, September 20, 2013

21 Day Organization Challenge


21 Day Organization Challenge!

Fall clean up time!!!  
The summer is over and before you know it the holidays will be here.  The Fall, with its crisp, clean air is the perfect season to put away the beach gear, open the windows and get your home in order.  Each year I swear that this is the year that I finally become organized only to realize that I have only managed to become more disorganized.  The few areas of my house that are organized are because I spent a little time getting them in order and now each time I use something in that area I find it very easy to put it back in its place.  I also find I get nothing done when the task seems too large.  I need to just do a little at a time.
So ladies, I came up with a simple 21 day challenge of easy organization tasks, that when completed will give us all the organized home we dream of.
I started us off with some simple and quick organization chores so that we don't feel overwhelmed.  I figured we could knock off some easy ones like the medicine cabinet or our handbag before we got to the really involved ones like the garage or if your a crafter like me, the craft supplies.
So ladies, lets get our organization checklist ready and lets plan on starting our challenge the 1st day of Autumn.  The challenge is only 21 days so even if we put off starting until Oct 1st we can still have an organized home by Halloween!
Good luck and I would love to hear how your challenge is going!!!


If your doing the challenge, be a dear and follow me and let me know how your doing with it.  I will be happy to add a link to your blog for others to see how well your doing with the challenge!

Check out sweetdeals4moms to see her Fabulous blog and her take on the challenge!!!

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