Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Yummiest Quesadilla

Grilled Brie Cheese and Grape Quesadillas!

If your like me you've never really been the biggest fan of brie cheese.  I mean I'm not a fussy eater and I actually like very unusual foods, but I just never really got the point of brie cheese.  Then one day I was watching a cooking show and the chef was making a grilled cheese sandwich with brie cheese.  It seemed that he was speaking directly to me as he started to explain that a lot of people don't really like brie cheese.  He went on to say how brie was one of those cheeses that tasted better melted and complimented fruits very nicely.  That is why brie is usually served at wine tastings.  He went on to make several grilled brie sandwiches and the one that caught my eye was a "Grilled Brie and Grape Quesadilla".  I just knew looking at it that it was gonna be great!

So here's my version of this delightful appetizer.  This would be perfect to serve this Super Bowl Sunday, especially for the ladies who may be drinking wine instead of beer.

First gather your supplies.  It couldn't be easier.  All you need is a package of soft tortillas (any kind or size that you like) a bunch of grapes (again any kind you like, I always seem to like the green grapes the best) and of course some soft brie cheese.  Brie cheese can be expensive, but you really only need a little bit for each.

Next put some oil or non-stick spray in your frying pan and threw one tortilla in the pan.  Then slice up some of the brie and place on the hot tortilla.  While that is getting hot, you will cut in half approximately 10 grapes for each tortilla that you will be making.  Once you have your grapes cut and the cheese has started to melt a little you can add your grapes.  I usually only put the grapes on one side so that its easier to fold the tortilla.


You can now fold your tortilla and give it a gentle 'smush'.  To me the key to good grilled food is all in the 'smush'.  You want to press down firmly so that everything melts together and the tortilla becomes nice and flat, but don't press down to hard or all your grapes will escape from inside.

Once you have both sides nice and golden brown you can take the quesadilla out of the pan and start on your next one.  I like to let them cool a little before you try to cut them or again the cheese and grapes might try to escape out the sides.

That's it.  These are so simple and good.  I warn you, these are so addictive.  I like them so much the way they are that I never came up with a dipping sauce for them.  If any of you guys have any suggestions for a good dipping sauce or tips to make these even better, I would love to hear your comments!

Thanks so much and Enjoy!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Fastest way to peel garlic!

I feel like this blog post should be titled
When I first heard about this, I assumed it was just a gag, or you needed to buy some crazy expensive gadget that probably didn't even work.  Oh yeah like you can really peel a whole head of garlic in under 30 seconds.  Oh and did I mention that you will be doing this without a knife or any gadgets!
Seems to good to be true, but 'abracadabra' it really works!
First take your head of garlic and place on your counter top.
Next using the palm of your hand or a wooden object like a bowl or cutting board press down on the head of garlic.  You don't need to injure yourself doing this, but press down with the most pressure you can. 
You will then have a pile of garlic cloves and garlic skins.  You simply take the whole pile (don't worry about separating anything just yet) and dump it into any container that you have that has a lid.  I used an old Tupperware container.  You can even just use 2 bowls and sandwich the garlic in the middle of them.
Next comes the hard work...get ready...shake the container for approximately 10 seconds.
If you managed to survive that grueling task then you are all ready to enjoy your skinned garlic gloves.
Dump everything out of the container and you will see that somehow all the skins have separated from the garlic cloves.
All you need to do is pick through the pile of skins and garlic and gather up all your pretty and perfect garlic cloves.
So that's it, simply give the head a good hard squash with your hand or back of something that won't break, put it all in a container with lid, shake as hard as you can for about 10 seconds, and just sift through the garlic skins and gather up your garlic cloves!
I hope your not to exhausted from all that, now go and roast up some garlic cloves and enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Made with Love

Valentine you have my Heart!
Nothing says Valentine's Day more then the heart symbol. This year give someone special your heart by surprising them with a special twist in their Valentine treat. These are all such simple ways to show just how much you care!
Most of these treats require nothing more then a small heart shaped cookie cutter.

chicken soup with heart shaped carrots.

Pancake Recipe
I'm still in the process of linking all pics to their original source.  Check back in a few days and I will have all the links included. If you know the original link you can go ahead and add it to the comment section below, thanks. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Come Join the Fun!!!


If your a pinterest addict like me, then I invite you to come join in on the Fun!  I've created a new group board, which has grown to over 2000 followers in just 2 days!!!  I'm trying to create one great board where we can all come together and pin all of our favorites.  If you have a blog yourself, this is a great way to get exposure and to gain new followers!  Together we can make this the best place to pin all of our prettiest DIY, crafts, recipes, home decorating, household tips and eye candy pins!  If your interested in growing our blogs together and gaining exposure and followers, then be sure to click HERE to start following and pinning all your BEST pins to the Holiday Sparkle Favorites board on Pinterest!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Mustache U to Be My Valentine

I mustache you a question...will you be my Valentine?
Here's a quick and fun DIY Valentine treat.  These are perfect if you are having a party or need an easy Valentine for your kids to handout at school.
First you'll need the Wilton Lollipop mold, which I picked up at Michael's craft store for $1.99.  You will also need lollipop sticks, I like the 12 inch long ones so that you can have fun holding them up to your face and goofing around with them.  For the pictures I also used red and white paper straws, which i just slipped over the lollipop sticks.  Next you will need some chocolate to melt.  I used white, dark chocolate,and pink.  Finally you will need some string or twine to hang your FREE PRINTABLE mustache tags!

Click on the Picture below to print out your FREE printable Valentine tags!


Friday, January 4, 2013


How to clean grout
1-2-3 Clean Your Grout!

The BEST Grout Cleaner 
So are you ready to FINALLY get your tile floors and grout lines cleaned?  I have tried a few different products over the years, ranging from homemade mixes that I found on the internet to expensive grout cleaners.  All of them worked a little bit, but I always found something I didn't like about them.  Some were very expensive and you needed several bottles to complete one floor, some had a very strong odor, and others required a lot of time and scrubbing.  In the end, I always wound up only completing a small section of the floor before I got totally bored.  One day, while desperate to clean my shower and having nothing on hand I thought i try the only cleaner I had in the house; Clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach.  Too my surprise it worked quite well on the shower and gave it an instant cleaning.  I then started to think "well, what else can this stuff clean".  I immediately thought of the dirty grout lines on my tile floor in the kitchen.  I tested it on a small section and couldn't believe how fast and easy it cleaned the disgusting grout lines in my kitchen.
So I decided I would finally commit to cleaning the kitchen floor!
So began the 1-2-3 Grout Challenge!
1 product, less then 2 hrs and a total cost of under 3 dollars!!!
So gather your supplies and lets begin!
There really is no trick to doing this.  I simply took my Clorox cleaner (its a gel, so it poured perfectly into the grout lines) and started to pour the cleaner onto about a 3 foot by 3 foot section of tile floor.  I then let the gel cleaner sit on the grout lines for approximately 10 minutes.  I then took my hard plastic bristle brush and lightly scrubbed the cleaner into the grout lines.  I found that it really didn't take a lot of effort, the cleaner really did most of the work.  I then let the scrubbed in cleaner sit for approximately another 5 minutes.  Next I took a wet mop and cleaned up the cleaner.  I then moved onto the next section and repeated the above steps.  The only warning I would give is to say be very careful while walking on the floor until you mop up the solution.  The floor will be very slippery!  I was scared at first thinking that the floor was going to stay slippery, but once I mopped the whole floor when I was done and it dried the floor was perfectly fine.  The original color of my kitchen grout lines were a very light sanded gray.  I also did my bathroom tile which has bright white sanded grout lines (I wish I took before and after pics because the difference in there was unbelievable).  Sorry I do not have dark grout lines anywhere in my house, so I cannot tell you how the Clorox cleaner will work on those.
So that's really it.  One bottle of Clorox gel cleaner, one plastic hard bristle brush and a couple of hours and you will have professionally cleaned tile floor and grout lines!
Even though my kitchen floors get mopped every day, the grout lines were just disgusting.  This kitchen floor is about 15 years old and this is the first time I really cleaned the grout lines.  It's hard to believe looking at these pictures that the grout lines were that dirty.  It truly looked like a new kitchen floor when I was done!
Hope you take the 1-2-3 Challenge and finally have the clean kitchen or bathroom floors that you always dreamed of having!


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