Friday, May 4, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge

I first saw this on Pinterest about a year ago and was determined to give it a try.  Unfortunately whenever I looked at the 1st day challenge of doing a self portrait I would quickly say 'never mind'.  If your like me you hate pictures of yourself.  But I finally decided that I was being silly and I started the challenge.  If you want to check out my pics you can find them here on my  Pinterest Board   Come join me in the challenge, I would love to see your pics!!!


  1. I think it's neat that you are doing this. I have always wanted to do one too, but just never have. I love your work!

  2. Dear Happy Holiday Girl....thanks so much for your sweet words...I've been putting off doing this for so long myself, I finally just decided to DO IT!'s definitely a lot of fun and gets your brain really working and your imagination going thinking up picture ideas. Your blog is Fantastic, and I especially adore that Christmas wreath you made!!!...come join me in the photo challenge, I would love to see your pics!!!....thanks again....xoxo....Chris


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